"My strategy is always the same: give everything. Go as fast as you can. Not by pushing like crazy, but by hardly ever stopping. That’s why I hate not being first."


Sofiane Sehili

Ultra-endurance racer / Adventure cyclist / Bikemessenger

Year of birth? 1981

Where do you live? Paris

Sponsors: Bombtrack Bicycle Co., Apidura, Hunt, dhb, René Herse, Komoot, Kask, Supernova Lights

Bikes: Hook EXT C, Tempest C

Job: Bike messenger

Steel, Aluminium,Titanium or Carbon? Carbon. It's light, stiff, responsive, comfortable. There's no downside to it.

Onroad or Offroad? On road. I like off road but pavement gives me the opportunity to ride further in less time. I like that.

What do you like to ride most? quiet paved roads

Flatbar or dropbar? Flat bar. Actually I like both but I have gathered all my wins on flat bars so there's that.

2nd favoured sport? Rock climbing. Maybe if I had grown up in the Mountains my life would have been different.

Largest passion except sports? Literature. I love books. I have loved them since I was a kid. I also enjoy writing.

Favourite band: There's this guy called Jay Munly or just Munly. He does solo albums or with a band that changes names. Once they were called the Lee Lewis harlots and then the Lupercalians.

City or countryside? Countryside. I grew and live in Paris but the truth is I like it slow and quiet, with not too many people around.

Green or grey? Green. Like the jungles of South East Asia, the pastures of New Zealand, the mountains of Colorado, the valleys Columbia and so many other places I've had the pleasure of seeing from my bike.

South of the equator, or north of equator? North. There's a lot of places I love South of the equator but I've ridden mostly in the northern hemisphere and had my most memorable adventures there.

Meat or Vegetables? Meat. I eat less and less meat because my girlfriend is a vegetarian, but I do love it.

Minor or major? Major. I don't wanna go to jail

Beer, wine or liquor? Beer. I don't drink much but I enjoy a beer once in a while

Goals in life: ride as many countries as possible

2016 Tour Divide

3rd place

2017 Trans Am

8th place

2018 Bikingman

3rd place

2019 Italy Divide

1st place with J. Hayden

2019 Inca Divide

1st place

2020 Atlas Mountain Race

1st place

All photos above by Lian van Leeuwen