Welcome to our projects section. Here you will find a whole host of interesting journeys, events and one off creations we've had the pleasure of being involved in.

A Journey Beyond

Back in 2014, our friend Marc Maurer started in our hometown of Cologne, Germany, and rode all the way to Istanbul, Turkey. Upon arriving, he cancelled his return flight and decided to pedal back home. Since then one journey followed another.


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The Tuscany Trail

If you have never been to the Tuscany in Italy yet: the Tuscany Trail might be the best way to experience a beautiful landscape full of UNESCO world heritages. Wherever you’re from, and let it be from far: if you have no plans for your anual leave next year, take your family and book your trip to Italy, ride the Tuscany Trail and combine it with an additional vacation before or afterwards, as there is so much to see.

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The Navad 1000

After traveling around the world by bicycle for almost four years, Jona from "Tales on Tyres" decided to take his passion to another level by signing up to his first self supported bikepacking race across Switzerland, the Navad 1000.

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3 Peaks Cyclocross

The toughest cyclocross race in the world. Staged in the Yorkshire Dales National Park since 1961 the Three Peaks is a grandparent to every adventure race that’s come after.

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The Dirty Reiver

Kielder Forest UK

The Dirty Reiver is an gravel cycling challenge at the boardering area of England and Scotland. It's 200km distance with +/- 3.800m of elevation. With having 1.000 registered starters in total it’s the biggest European event of its kind.

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Highland Trail 550

Taking in some of Scotland's most spectacular scenery, the HT550 is an unsupported race the pushes riders to the limit due to it's unrivalled terrain. Check out how Joachim got on with the Midges.

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Torino - Nice Rally

The “Torino – Nice Rally” is not a race, it is rather food for your soul: an adventure with friends and a memorable experience. 700km on old military cols and scenic historical trade routes leading all the way from the western Italian Alpes down to the coast of southern France.

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Tuscany Trail

The documentary about Clem Shovel and Joachim Rosenlund competing the world’s biggest bikepacking race – the “Tuscany Trail” (Italy). An unsupported bike adventure race of 560km distance, 11.000m of elevation and 530 competing starters.

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Baja Divide

Franzi and Jona take on the “Baja Divide”. A new, but already established 2735 km long off-pavement bikepacking route, starting in San Diego, USA and following the length of the Baja California Peninsula all the way to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

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Che Chorley


A photographical journey and a biketrip along the australian coastline from cycling enthusiast and awarded photographer Che Chorley. 4500 kilometer in a period of 6 months on the seat of our Beyond bike, documenting the road, the surf, the people, beautiful places, spaces and all that makes the state of South Australia so truly unique.

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Romagna Bike Trail

Our friends, the Becker Bros., brought some impressions from the cozy, time-measured bikepacking challenge in one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. A very sympathetic event and: is there a better way to experience a province than through an already set up cycling route from adepts?

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Tour d'Iceland

The Rad Race Crew have been dreaming of cycling around Iceland for many years, and now that dream has become a reality. The guys of the Rad Pack are now on their way round a loop of Iceland, and with them are no less than 8 of our gravel and CX bikes.

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For the SSCXEC's 5th edition the mekka of Cyclocross was finally inviting: welcome to BELGIUM!

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The Transcontinental Race

The TCR really harks back to the origins of bike racing, where riders would set out alone, with a thirst for adventure, discovery and the challenges of speed and distance set only by themselves. In 2015 our good friend Clem Shovel completed this gruelling journey on our prototype Audax bike. Follow the link below to find out more about Clem's incredible race.

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Bike Transalp

As a field test for our first CX/Gravel bike Fish took our 1st generation Hook prototype for a trip across the alps. Bike Transalp is really an endurance mountain bike event, and so turning up with 35c tires and a drop bar, it certainly set tongues wagging.

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Bombtrack x Adidas

The opportunity to work on a collaboration project doesn’t come along very often, so when Adidas approached us about producing a limited number of fixed/track bikes we couldn’t believe it.

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Tempest - Campagnolo Best Build Contest

This one of build was put together for the Berlin Bike show in 2017, and in conjunction with the Campagnolo best build project.This special build is ready to rule the road, but at the same time addresses theconnoisseurs among us, hungry for a bike combining a timeless look with the latest technical achievements.

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Tour d'Skandinavia 

Starting September, 1st 2014 the guys from Rad Race and Aurora Collective took a smooth ride from Hamburg to Oslo – 9days / 1335km. We loaned a HOOK and a converted ARISE (6-speed, 2015 model has gearing option at its dropout) – and we were excited hot this worked out as a travelbike!

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Bombtrack x Fahrradschau

Berlin Bicycle Week custom build Arise

This one off custom build Arise was built in collaboration with Berlin bicycle Week and the Fahrradschau. The bike was in part to promote the Single Speed Cyclocross European Championships that were happening during the event but also to represent how serious a single speed cx bike could be.

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Hardbrakers – a play on words as well as a contradictio in adiecto – is a multifarious collective of fourteen men who simply could not be more diverse. This motley crew of students, designers, engineers, artists, DJs and other connoisseurs of the art of living is unified by the love for riding fast on bikes with just a single & fixed gear. In 2012 they joined forces and founded a crew.

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