You simply will not meet anyone more 'up for' a ride than Clem. 

Clem “Shovel” Stawicki


Veteran TCR rider, father and family man with a passion for bikes and usually happiest covered in mud

Year of birth: 1984

Where do you live: northern France

Sponsors: Bombtrack Bicycle Co., Shimano Gravel, Morvelo Clothing, Malteni Beer, Apidura Bags, Komoot, Stoots, Hunt Wheels

Bike: Beyond+, Hook EXT, Hook 2, Arise 2, Tempest C

Job: Terretorial Sales Manager (France) of a bike distribution

What do you like to ride most:Long distance endurance rides to discover the planet and enjoying adventures, off-road on my HOOK crossbike, and Singlespeed Cross for having fun with friends

Goals in life: Sharing for happpiness, living and enjoying the one life


Meet Clem

We met Clem Shovel first at the European Singlespeed CX Championships in Mons-en-Pévèle back in 2015, not far from his home in Lille, northern France. A region which has been cycling-enthusiastic for decades, with having famous races like „Paris-Roubaix“, „Tour de Flanders“ or even the „Tour de France“ passing by every now and then. 

The moment we met him he told us about his plans to ride the „Transcontinental Race“, the starting point for our collaboration as we were just about to develop our Audax long-distance road bike and were happy to get feedback and advice of an experienced rider willing to switch his gear for ours. Since then Clem is part of the family, and riding a lot of long distance rides and races for us on different bikes since then, such as the "Tuscany Trail“, the "Highland Trail 550“ or the "French Divide“ , the "Malteni Gravel Bootleggers“ to name only a few - but still not missing his favourite rather compact cross races like the "3peaks“ in Yorkshire, UK, the "Gogo Hellcross“ or each Singlespeed CX European Championships. Riding keeps Clem always busy in-between his part-time job as a bicycle mechanician and full-time dedication to his family.

Favourite place/moment

"The Highland trail in Scotland was my favourite event, it has all what I love: beautiful landscape, raw nature, hard trails, a lot of hike a bike and so remote areas. This event obsesses me, I really want to ride it again and again and enjoy more and more every time I ride it."

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