Family First! Our teamrider Clem Shovel tried to finish the recent French Divide race in time for his long planned family meeting, and indeed he was INCREDIBLE speedy en route – most of the time Top-5, and in the end even Top-3.  But in defiance of his effort he finally had to turn the bars a bunch of kilometres before the finish to show up at the dining table of his family feast timely. Respect Clem, you are in line with our claim towards our teamriders and we were very happy to hear you kept the right priorities – … family first, fun second – and results third!  Still he made 1700km of racing over a term of 7 days, so 242km in average per day – not sure yet about the meters of elevation, but it was a lot. Clem got accompany by APIDURA photographer Paolo Ciaberta who captured Clem’s race. We’ve uploaded a bunch of them onto our Facebook account – head over, skip through the images and enjoy!

IMG_7966_by_Paolo Ciaberta