Land Sea You Me

LSYM is a journey and photographic expedition by Che Chorley, taking in the spectacular landscape of southern Australia.

Che Chorley is an award winning photographer with a passion andaffinity for the ocean. Che is blessed to be in a position in which he can pursue such anaccidental art-form, taking photography seriously, but not necessarily expecting seriousresults. Photography has been a natural accompaniment to his travels and he continues tostrive to convey the beauty and uniqueness that surfing, adventure and travel allow. 

We were contacted by Che back in 2015 where he had outlined his plans, and his passion was so contagious we wanted to jump on a plane to join him. Alas, we had to settle for supporting Che in the form of our Beyond 29" adventure bike. 

"Land Sea You Me” - a photographical journey and a biketrip along the australian coastline from cycling enthusiast Che Chorly. 4500 kilometer in a period of 6 months on the seat of our Beyond bike, documenting the road, the surf, the people, beautiful places, spaces and all that makes the state of South Australia so truly unique. Che was pedaling from WA to VIC, camping every night waiting for the perfect light.

Subsequent to this project Che's "Land See You Me" was not only featured on TV (ABC News a.o.), various radio stations or online / print media - his excellent shots have also been exhibited throughout the country, and were finally released in a mindblowing photo book.

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"….of nocturnal visits by possums, of walking past wallabies to go to the toilet, of seals drinking mother's milk, of eagles soaring and geese honking, kookaburras laughing and wombats burrowing, of waves crashing and winds blowing, of whales breaching and ships sinking, of suns rising and moons setting, of thunder clapping and lightning crashing. I smile at the thought of how far we've come. I've walked on beaches where no footprints exist, I've ridden over tracks overgrown for years, I've heard the tree fall in the woods. I've been shown the beauty of the South Australian land, the sea and her people. I've fallen, I've flown and I've dived. I've bled,
smiled, laughed and cried."

Che Chorley - from the Epilogue to LAND SEA YOU ME.