Having cycled from Cologne to Istanbul, rather than catch his flight home, Marc decided to turn the bike around and ride back.

Marc Maurer


Doing what few of us have so far dared, Marc has turned his dreams into reality by riding his bike to far off lands

Year of birth:1981

Where do you live:Cologne

Sponsors: Bombtrack Bicycle Co., Apidura Packing, Supernova Light Systems, Alpina Helmets, Ryzon, WTB Tires

Bike: Bombtrack "Beyond", "Hook", "Audax"

Job: Craftsman & Cyclist

What do you like to ride most: long distance bikepacking trips, on road and off road

Instagram: @a.journey.beyond

Meet Marc

Marc Maurer is our neighbour and a like-minded friend sharing the same passion, but Marc has turned his dreams into reality by riding his bike to far off lands. Born 81 and grown up in the southern part of Germany we met him first after he moving to Cologne to start his studies in Geography and Asian Science, which brought him and his backpack to Indo-Chinese region on more than one occasion. At a certain point he intended to combine his two passions - travelling and cycling - and cycled from his hometown Cologne to Istanbul.

Obviously such an experience that he elected to ride back home, rather than taking the return flight. When thinking of where to cycle on his second trip an intention was born: he started where he stopped the last time, the idea of "A Journey Beyond“, this time starting in from Istanbul heading to Tehran. 

Leaving his studies for some hand-on work as an exhibition builder he almost started planning the next trip as soon as he returned home. With intermediate smaller journeys here and there (as for example "Land End to John O Goats“ and such) he continued his "A Journey Beyond“ project and reached Kyrgyzstan. So who know's where the next journey will end, but ultimately Marc wants to combine these adventures to eventually make it once round the world.

But since Marc’s approach to travel by bike is not based on any performance pressure and rather on meeting people and experiencing countrysides no one would ever blame him in case he’d skip a region for a reason or would cycle an area twice if it’s in his deepest interest. As long as he enjoys we will be enjoying his reports, photos and videos shot along the way. For now we will wait with baited breath as to the next journey, starting in Kyrgyzstan, but ending where, we'll have to wait and see.

Favourite place/moment

"For me a "favourite" place simply does not exist. I have been asked that question quiet often, but every time I start to think about it, I realise for me there is no such place The area of my recent journey, which will stay in my mind for ever, is for sure the high plateau of the Pamir mountain range in Central Asia. Its wideness, the mountains, the lonesomeness, the colours,.. all that was heavily impressing."

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A Journey Beyond

[official trailer]

A Journey Beyond

Istanbul to Tehran

A Journey Beyond II

Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan

Der Junge muss von der Straße

A Portrait about Marc Maurer