The Veneto Trail (June, 26th 2021)

Experience Europe's most spectacular mountain range on peerless trails.

A trip of your lifetime.

The Dolomites are undoubtedly one of the most spectacular areas of the Alps, already incredibly breathtaking on their own but it is these jagged limestone mountains that add the icing to the cake. Unbelievably beautiful and rocky mountaintops are sparkled along the route, paired with tremendous views and fascinating trails that will probably stay in your mind forever. The biggest reason to participate in the Veneto Trail is the carefully chosen route; Andrea, the organizer, puts all the love he can into setting up a fabulously mind blowing loop touching the Italian and Austrian regions of the Dolomites. All pretty mountain-bike'esque, but for the hard-ones probably still enjoyable with a monstercross dropbar-bike if needed – simply adjust your gearing for the steep ascents.

A mix of doubletrack gravel roads, rocky sections and rooty singletrack with the least amount of tarmac provides everything that the average cyclists requires for the trip of a lifetime – not to mention the marvelous views you’ll be facing.

A special point of note is the fact that no Veneto Trail route is the same from one year to the next. This is a fantastic reason to return, as you'll be sure to ride new trails and witness mind blowing scenery . So if you’ve already done it in the last 5 years or have never done it in your life and can’t stop thinking about it, come and ride with us in 2021. We guarantee it will be as awesome as ever with a route full of adventure.

Tempted to take part?

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