... one first, everybody else second! In 2018 the mekka of Cyclocross was inviting for the European Championchips of Singlespeed CX:
Welcome to Belgium!

… one first, everybody else second!

For its 5th edition the mekka of Cyclocross was finally inviting: welcome to BELGIUM! But it wasn’t only happening in the motherland of mudracing - this year’s championchips even took place right in the town of the famous Worldcup CX-course in Koksijde.

Again the starter’s left their fairness at home, but brought therefore the best vibes they could bring and appeared from all over Europe. The field was strictly limited to 150 starters, but those who knew what usually happens on spot came nevertheless and were „unofficially" racing along - rules only exist to be broken! Beside a 3-season day (heavy snow in the morning, heavy sun in the afternoon and light rain in the evening) it was all about tons of nice bikes, tons of nice people, tons of belgian beer and a spineless atmosphere. Santé!

Feel free to share the clip below, show it to your friends and bring them along to future races, everyone is welcome. No attitude – just ride!

Next year Switzerland - to find out "when, where and what" we recommend to follow until then enjoy the slide show below shot by 
Calvin Cheung, Michiel Stoets, Niccolò Varanini, Christoph Vetter, Bram Impens, Hagbard Celine and Nicolas Niederprüm.