Tour d'Skandinavia

Hamburg to Oslo, 2014

…arrived and well! The Rad Race and Aurora crew finally found their way back home after 9 days, 1335km and more than expected vertical meters climbs. Within the mob there are two bikes that we supplied – not only to triple-check the long distance skills of our gravel bikes under a certain strain. Man and machine came through in great shape.

Starting September, 1st 2014 the guys from Rad Race and Aurora Collective took a smooth ride from Hamburg to Oslo – 9days / 1335km. We loaned a HOOK and a converted ARISE (6-speed, 2015 model has gearing option at its dropout) – and we were excited hot this worked out as a travelbike!

All info about the RAD RACE x AURORA COLLECTIVE "Tour De Skandinavia 2014" and a tour diary are - HERE