Hardbrakers – a play on words as well as a contradictio in adiecto – is a multifarious collective of fourteen men who simply could not be more diverse. This motley crew of students, designers, engineers, artists, DJs and other connoisseurs of the art of living is unified by the love for riding fast on bikes with just a single & fixed gear. In 2012 they joined forces and founded a crew.

It all started with a tour on trackbikes around the Lake Constance in 2011. The desire to see distant places, to experience foreign cultures and the thirst for adventure established the idea of an annual international Grandtour.

Limits were pushed and vanquished, tires were changed, moonshine Sliwowitz was drunk, they sweated in the sun, froze in the rain and fought for each kilometer. The feeling of freedom, pedaling without a break – regardless if it‘s in the desert, in the mountains, in huge cities, on gravel paths or highways – one gear fits all. The adventures and experiences are always documented by our media team, consisting of a photographer and cinematographer.

Lisbon to Marrakesh

Warsaw to Helsinki