The Dirty Reiver

The Dirty Reiver is an off-road cycling challenge at the bordering area of England and Scotland. The ride is based on the gravel grinder format found predominantly in the mid-west of America.


A teamtrip.

In a somehow random way we've heared people discussing at other gravel events throughout the last few years: ”Have you been there already?” or “We’ve heared this,.. we’ve heared that...” - but above all we heared “You must simply ride it.” Curiosity killed the cat - but we survived the Reiver with a smile on our face.


An experiment.

What’s the difference between 60 minutes of flat out, full gas technical wheel-to-wheel racing in ruts and mud, and riding for at least 7hrs at maximum race-pace on finely groomed gravel? To find out we sent Cyclocross pro-rider Gosse van der Meer from the Netherlands to Europe’s biggest Gravel event.