Riding every single kilometer form Warsaw to Helsinki, there's no other way for the Hardbrakers.

Hardbrakers Grand Tour 2015

Warsaw - Helsinki

Roughly a year has past since their last tour “Lisbon – Marrakesh” and finally the Hardbrakers take us on their 4th journey, heading to the north. As we love travelling, cycling and a blend of Rock’n’Roll, we were certain, that we need to increase our support for the Hardbrakers, so they can put their plans into action. This tour became a special one, since the guys decided again to accomplish every single km on fixed gear bikes, starting in PL-Warsaw, heading to the Baltics and finishing in FIN-Helsinki.

It was a given that we have to send the crew some Bombtrack metal – Karl and Ardi riding their SCRIPT bikes, Vince and Killian converted their ARISE bikes into fixed gears.

This 4th tour is different than any other before, so expect another amazing lookbook (shot by Carlos Fernandez Laser) and a awesome video documentary. We’re more then certain that these will impress you as much as the last one. Until then, we suggest you to have a look through this nice selection of photos, which the guys shot on-the-fly. Believe us, they will give you a great first look on how incredible this tour pannedout.

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