Riding fixed from Lisbon to Marrakesh, as only the Harbrakers know how

Hardbrakers Grand Tour 2014

Lisbon - Marrakesh

After their Budapest – Istanbul trip in 2013 the Hardbrakers from Hamburg tasted blood and a selection of 7 riders agreed within one of their weekly meetings to head this time towards northern Africa.

With daily distances roughly between 100 and 200 kilometers the Hardbrakers crossed not only the Atlas mountains and dry desserts but also managed some lawless traffic in known marrocaen cities like Tangier, Casablanca or Marrakesch. They survived the alleys and its dogs, rock throwing kids on the roadside such as some too fast taken corners and hence resulting accidents. But above everything it was again the resident population that left the most intense impression – their waving hands and cheering voices, their hospitality and helpfulness in various situations was just overwhelming as they reported.

The lookbook above provides a beautiful photographic insight into this trip shot by Carlos Fernandez Laser – and probably fuels the appetite for the upcoming full movie coming later this year.


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