Groundwork 2019


An explosion of creative input at the gates of our headquarter.

Groundwork. Another year, another meeting of the much anticipated annual Bombtrack event.

It's been located near the company's headquarters of Cologne for the last few years and always features the same format of riding bikes, amazing forested scenery, good food, heavily contested table football and lots of smiles! It's an opportunity for everyone involved in Bombtrack to come together and catch-up, be that the employees, the global team of riders, shops, distributors and various befriend media contributors.

The setting is a former, character-laden, old manor house known as Landgut Breibach and provides the rally point for the week. Various rides into the surrounding rolling hills and woodland (with 215km of distance and 5.260m of elevation in total) give riders the chance to sample the new bikes and pit themselves against the deceptively steep gradients. The trails are groomed and various overgrown sections are trimmed back before hand, ready for the riders.

The riding though is only half of the fun as the team get to obsess over the new bikes, discuss them and the trails over the campfire. The event is as much about generating ideas going forward, be that updates to the bikes or plans for new adventures in the future, as it is about a good pat on the back for all the work that has gone into making Bombtrack the company that it is today! Ideas are spawned and often developed year by year. Groundwork is now at the point where it is a critical part of the company and in this age of trade-shows and marketing campaigns, a breath of fresh air and a great chance to unwind.

4 days of an incredible value for us - thanks a lot to everybody that came over.  We deeply appreciate it and are already looking forward to next year!

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No scratch, no skip, no shortcut - those riders received this year's awards for completing all "6 out of 6" rides with 5.260m of elevation in total:

Tom - Lyon UK

Gaëlle Bojko

Jona - Tales on Tyres

Robert Krügel

Franzi - Tales on Tyres