Groundwork 2018


Family building, bike riding, and future planning in the countryside outside Cologne

Groundwork. Bombtrack’s annual get together. An opportunity for the family to meet up, ride bikes and make plans for the coming year.

First held in the Franche-Comté region of France, in 2017 we moved closer to home, setting up in the woods outside of Cologne. Giving us the opportunity to share our local trails with a global team of riders, ambassadors, distributors, shops, and extended family members, a half-timbered former manor house known as Landgut Breibach becomes our office for the week.

An annual thank you to those that helped build Bombtrack into the brand it is today, Groundwork is a first opportunity to get our new bikes dirty and see what the team think of them. It also helps secure our future too. Sitting around the campfire at the day’s end isn’t just a nice way to unwind, it’s the perfect forum to get some unguarded opinions. This feedback from the large and varied pool of riders helps us refine our existing designs. At the same time ideas for new adventures evolve, and with them often come the seeds that grow into completely new models.