This is not the case, and in the unlikely event that your local shop does not know how to deal with warranties they can contact the Bombtrack Bicyle Company distributor directly and ask. A list of all distributors and contact information is on this site under ‘distributors‘. If this still does not work you may send the parcel to the distributor directly, but be sure to contact them and us beforehand – remember that if your random product arrives in a warehouse of bike parts with no name or contact info it could go into long term unmarked storage and maybe even get lost. Label everything clearly and include all relevant information. In sending your product you accept all risk for problems during transit and should consider the issue of insurance carefully.

An exception to this might occur if your product is outside the usual one year/ 90 day warranty period. It could be your shop is not open to discussion about dealing with warranties that occur after the one year/ 90 days, this is understandable, they are also very busy and may not have the means to assess the product properly. In these cases talk to them and ask if they will at least talk with the distributor (point them here if they’re unsure), it is important for the scene that riders have good contact with and use their local dealer. If you have read the the rest of the FAQs and are still unsure, reach out to us over our contact form.