What size should I choose?

You can a basic suggestion based on your body height here in this PDF.
We always suggest getting in touch with your local dealer as they can assist best on finding the right size.

I want to mount a front rack to my BOMBTRACK which has a carbon fork, is that possible?

Racks and carbon is a very complicated combination.

Generally speaking none of our carbon forks are allowed to take the load of a front rack. The mounting points on our carbon forks are for mudguards and Anything cages.

It would be possible to change the layup of the carbon forks to make them take the multi axis loads of a lowrider, but the resulting fork would be what engineers call black aluminum: A fork with the same weight and the same load path characteristics as an aluminum one, but at a higher price.

The Anything cage mounts are allowed to take a load of 4.5 kg per cage (mounted to three eyelets) or 1.5 kg per eyelet.
The rear rack mounts are allowed to take a load of 25 kg in total.

Where can I get Bombtrack products and spare parts? Can I buy directly from you?

We do not sell customer-direct, but we have worked hard to establish good relationships with rider orientated distributors who can offer more dedicated support nearer to dealers and riders. All spare parts and other items that we offer can be ordered through our local dealers. If your country has a distributor your local bike shop can order from them. If you’re still having trouble, please use our contact form, to get in touch with us so we can help.

Can I get some prices on some of your products?

No. We don’t quote retail prices here because they vary from country to country. You’ll have to contact a bike shop that sells Bombtrack bicycle products. Or contact a mailorder company for prices – there are now many on the internet. Prices are not accessible through the factory.

I am interested in a frameset of a complete bike that is not listed on the frameset page, can I buy it?

All framesets that are available separatly from the complete bike are listed on the frameset page. If you can not find a model that is used on a compelte bike there, then we simply do not offer it.

What colors are available?

You’ll find information about colors in the usual product specs, but the availability in your country depends on the distributor of your country and what they’ve ordered; see also ‘availability’. So if you want to be sure, ask your dealer. At the moment custom colours are not available from us.

I have a specific component in mind to fit on a Bombtrack complete bike / frameset, will it fit? What is the maximum tire and chainring clearance?

We provide lots of detailed specifications of our bikes on their respective model pages, make sure to check them out, often enough the information such as maximum tire and chainring clearances, bottom bracket or headset standard are right there. When building up a frameset you will find even more detailed specification on the respective frameset page. When unsure we recommend consulting your local dealer for assistance on your project. If you feel like crucial information is missing do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are glad to help out.

I have some defects in my paint, do you have touch-up paint available?

We´ve omitted to deliver touch up paint with our bikes since the release of 2019 Model year. Reason being that the paint would only last for half a year or so, depending on storage. By the time most of our customers would need it, is already deteriorated. Since this would lead to shipping polluting waste throughout the world, we decided against it.
All of our colors are mixed to our own specifications and thus there is no color code that we could publish.

However, there are many online retailers that offer touch-up paint pens, who can mix a fitting color for you, or supply a close-matching color that could be found by comparing against a RAL or Pantone deck.
Another simple solution would be to use nail polish, these come in a huge variety of colors and work perfect for conserving your frame or fork.

I am a bike shop / retailer and want sell BOMBTRACK bikes, how can I do that?

We trust our distributors to supply our retailers in their respective countries.
You can find a list of our local distributors with whom you can get in touch with here.
If there is no distributor listed for your region, get in touch with Traffic Distribtion or hit us up directly.

I´v spotted rust inside my frame, is that a problem?

Our frame tubings use such high grade steel that rust would only develop on the outer surface and won´t grow any further. To be on the safe side when living near coastal areas you may apply a cavity sealant spray. For the outer painted surfaces you can use a mineral-oil-based polish on a soft cloth and polish up the bike after cleaning. This adds a protective layer passivating the surface, preventing rust and eases up the next cleaning of the bike.

I ordered my bike in another country by mailorder. What do I have to do if I have a problem?

All warranties are dealt with through the shop where you bought the item and the distributors. We are happy to talk with you about any questions you have or if you just want to go over things with us, but your replacements will be usually sent out from wherever you made oyur purchase. Mailorder purchases made abroad will need to be returned to wherever you bought them and that country will handle any replacements!

I have spoken with the shop where I bought my bike and they said I should send the part to you directly?

This is not the case, and in the unlikely event that your local shop does not know how to deal with warranties they can contact the Bombtrack Bicyle Company distributor directly and ask. A list of all distributors and contact information is on this site under ‘distributors‘. If this still does not work you may send the parcel to the distributor directly, but be sure to contact them and us beforehand – remember that if your random product arrives in a warehouse of bike parts with no name or contact info it could go into long term unmarked storage and maybe even get lost. Label everything clearly and include all relevant information. In sending your product you accept all risk for problems during transit and should consider the issue of insurance carefully.

An exception to this might occur if your product is outside the usual one year/ 90 day warranty period. It could be your shop is not open to discussion about dealing with warranties that occur after the one year/ 90 days, this is understandable, they are also very busy and may not have the means to assess the product properly. In these cases talk to them and ask if they will at least talk with the distributor (point them here if they’re unsure), it is important for the scene that riders have good contact with and use their local dealer. If you have read the the rest of the FAQs and are still unsure, reach out to us over our contact form.

What counts as a defect in workmanship?

A defect in workmanship is any problem with a product that should have been noticed by our skilled quality control inspection prior to shipping. Problems that could fall into this category would be gaps in welds, crooked welding, missing threads, mis-alligned cable guides etc. It is in fact any part of the manufacturing process that was completed incorrectly or missed. If something bends or breaks it is not necessarily such a defect, and all such defects need to be notified within the 90 days. Ideally such problems should be found before you begin to use the new product and if you do find something wrong get in touch straight away.

Have you got a lifetime warranty on your products?

Some companies are offering lifetime warranties which at first glance seem like a good alternative, but what they often fail to make clear is that they are often very easily made void through some complex un-rider orientated small print. Lifetime warranty does not equal a product that does not break and more than likely entails a long drawn out process to get a replacement if at all. We feel that our policy is more clear cut and straight forward than others’ empty lifetime guarantee promises. For full details click here, or select “Warranty” from the footer menu.

Do I require a proof of purchase, what is that exactly?

Yes, you will require proof of purchase. The original sales receipt or invoice is considered proof or purchase for the warranty. Without this information we cannot be certain that you’re the original owner and this can void your warranty. If you do not have it, speak with us, we will consider things one on one and do what we think is fair. This requirement is only there to prevent someone from taking advantage of our good will.

Can I use slighter wider tires than what you state for your max. tire Clearance on my BOMBTRACK bike?

Our stated max. approved tire clearances always factor in at least 5 mm of clearance to any part the frame and fork to account for variances in actual tire width, lateral runout of the wheels and enough mud clearance. Whereas a slightly wider tire could fit, you´d do that on your own risk and a damage to the bike because of that is not covered by our warranty. Often enough the width is not the limiting factor but the tire height as this increases with the tire width as well. It is best advice to do a test fit of the tires in mind before and check the clearance at max. pressure rating, if there is at least 5 mm of clearance then it´s fine from our side.

For certain models you state tire clearances for both 700C and 650B and on some just the 700C tire clearance, why is that?

You will only find this information on bikes that were specifically designed for use with both tire sizes. On the models with one tire size, frame and fork simply don´t accept much wider tires even with a 650B wheel. You might only gain about 2-3 mm more in tire width, while keeping a minimum of 6 mm tire clearance. Using a 650B tire with very little additional tire width is not very beneficial and would drop the bike significantly, reducing pedal / crankarm – ground clearance and altering the steering geometry.