"Big mountains is the place I feel most at home. They are like giant friends in every meaning of the word"

Joachim Rosenlund

Joachim Rosenlund


Bike rider, ambassador, social worker, father and owner of the loudest sock collection in the cycling world


Where do you live:From Norway, currently living in Berlin

Sponsors: Bombtrack, Hunt Wheels, WTB, Pedaled, Apidura, Anker Power Solutions, Stolen Goat

Bikes: Hook, Hook EXT

Job: Social worker

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/odinavatar/

 Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/7053326

Meet Joachim

Joachim Rosenlund, born sometime during the 70s in Oslo, Norway has been a passionated Skateboarder for years, before a broken hip in 3 places forced him into a recovery period. It was during this time that he discovered cycling as the perfect form of rehabilitation. Soon therapy turned into fun and Joachim got fully addicted. We first got to know Joachim as he crossed paths with Marc during his "A Journey Beyond“ in the middle of Armenia. Joachim kept Marc company for weeks some weeks, got in touch with us after and brought us beautiful photos from their tremendous trip to Iran. 

Meanwhile based with his family in Berlin, his daily and extensive commuting to work constitutes his training. In-between his employment as a social worker Joachim Rosenlund grabs every chance for riding exceptional routes and events, mostly in the sphere of Bikepacking overnighters and long distance rides. He took one of his Hook fleet for example on the "Tuscany Trail“ in Italy, the "Torino - Nice Rally“ through the Alpes, the "Candy Graveler“ crossing Germany and the Scottish "Highland Trail 550“ - to name only a recent few of a steady driven cyclist’s life. 


Favourite place/moment

This place is called Trolltunga (tongue of a troll) and lies on the west coast of Norway. The gruelling hike is a 22kmround trip and takes around 12 hours. The weather is always full of surprises and you can have anything from 25° to snow within hours. There is a 700m drop from where I am sitting. A special place indeed!

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Highland Trail 550

unsupported race in the Scottish Highlands

Torino - Nice Rally

spectacular landscapes and gravel roads