Fish has spent the best part of his life in the saddle, from his younger days as a Dutch national track champion, to working as a bike messenger in New York.


Stefan 'FISH' Vis


Crit racer, ambassador, messenger, mechanic, world traveler and Red Hook Crit winner

Year of birth: 1979

Where do you live: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Sponsors: Bombtrack Bicycle Co., San Marco, Giro, Grip Grab, FFWD Wheels

Frame: Tempest, Hook, Outlaw, Arise, Needle, Script

Job: Cyclist, messenger, parts developer & adviser, tourguide

What do you like to ride most: Track bikes

Goals in life: live to be a hundred  




Meet Fish

It is through cycling that Stefan Vis got the nick name ‘Fish’, whilst working the two-way radio as a bike messenger, but for Fish his love of bikes started much earlier. As a child he took the heavy green mountain bike his parents had got him as a School commuter off-road on local dirt tours with his dad, uncle and friends. From here Fish began taking riding indoors and onto the velodrome, starting in 1992 Fish started riding competitively and in 1993 became Dutch road Champion in the 14 year old category. This success gained Fish a position in the Dutch track team, and riding through to 1997 he was allowed to race Elite sprint and Keirin races with some of the biggest names at the time, most notably east German Michaël Hübner. 

After 1998, Fish found his way into work as a bike messenger, and traveled to Toronto for the Alley Cat's Scramble (the original bikemessenger races) on Helloween and for the first time a Figure 8 velodrome called the Human Powered Rollercoaster or HPR. Here Fish met people who became good friends, people who have put the bikemessengers and track bike riding on the map before, before the boom that followed in 2006. Fish continued working as a bike messenger in Toronto, New York, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Berlin. When not riding bikes, Fish knows how to work on them too. Doubling up as a bike mechanic for many years and well known for fixed gear builds and early 2000's chopper bicycle moderation.

In 2011, Fish found his way back into racing with the emerging Red Hook Crits. Racing in virtually every race and for a long time being the most frequent runner up. Eventually, Fish topped the podium in 2014 at the race in Barcelona, earning him a place fixed gear racings hall of fame. More recently Fish has ridden a greatly divers range of events, from single speed cyclocross, endurance road races and of course fixed gear too. To date Fish’s favourite fixed gear race has been the Fixed 42 in Berlin. Fish recalls this race as “the course is basically a 42 km long messenger race but without checkpoints and in a peloton at top speeds, it's what real fixed gear racers of all sorts love. The sprint towards Brandenburger Tor is just something else!”


Favourite place/moment

My favourite experiences with Bombtrack was riding the Tuscany Road. The second half is best ridden at night, and make sure you stay in the last castle town for Dawn, then start your descent! 

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Proving Grounds

Our gravelbike at the MTB Bike Transalp 2014

Haute Route

Fish tests out the Tempest Disc in the Alps

Last Man Standing

Rad Race’s “Last Man Standing”  2017

Vast Verzet Bokaal

The major Dutch Crit series