“Rolling hills, medieval villages and hilltop towns, enchanted forests and cypress lined avenues, in a word Tuscany....”

Andrea Borchi

September 14th 2019

A region,Tuscany, whose only name is one of the most famous brands in the world. A succession of beautiful and unique landscapes. Medieval centres interspersed with a stunning nature shaped by man. Lines of cypresses, country houses, medieval villages, streets carved into the tuff, marble quarries, the Maremma geometries drawn between sand bars and dunes, crystal-clear sea that refreshes sunny islands. This picture is completed by the unparalleled food and wine excellence offered by this region. Last but not least, the hospitality of the Tuscan people is noteworthy.


All that in a 600km ride on your bike, from the North to South, self-sufficient as true adventurers of the 21st century. Same route for everyone, uploaded on the GPS, to be covered at one’s own pace, without time limit, because adventure is a right that must be within everybody's reach.

The world of road cycling is racing, attentive to sports performance and with the stopwatch always in sight. With the Tuscany Road we tried to pedal cyclists head-on, taking advantage of the beauty of Tuscany, we tried to slow down their race taking advantage of the sunsets of the Val d'Orcia (UNESCO World heritage) as well as the sunrise at the seaside. 

Tempted to take part?

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