Transdolomitics Way (July, 9th 2019)

Experience Europe's most spectacular mountain range in an ultracycling challenge.

Find your limits.

Starting with 2019 the Transdolomitics Way is the latest addition to our event portfolio: an unsupported ultracycling challenge in the probably most spectacular mountain range in Europe: the Austrian and Italian Dolomitics.

Every starter can choose the preferred riding mode: either ride the TDW as a race, then you have to meet a time-limit of maximum of 115hrs. Alternativly you can choose to ride the TDW as a challenge, then the limit to accomplish is at 175 hrs.

The route is planned on remoted roads only, strictly tarmac. It is all about a breathtaking, mountaineous surrounding - and your personal strength. At its first edition 26 starters out of 44 survived in 2018 - .. will you in 2019?

1.200 km with 26.000 D+

SECTOR 1 – Tesero (IT) to Landeck(AT), 209 km with 3.320 D+
SECTOR 2 – Landeck (AT) to Breno (ITA), 219 km with 4.640 D+
SECTOR 3 – Breno (IT) to Calliano (ITA), 195 km with 4.845 D+
SECTOR 4 – Calliano (IT) to Erto (IT), 215 km with 4.820 D+
SECTOR 5 – Erto (IT) to Dobbiacco (IT), 209 km with 5.520 D+
SECTOR 6 – Dobbiacco (IT) via (AT) to Tesero (IT), 178 km with 4.670 D+

Tempted to take part?

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