... how much distance can you cover in a certain timeframe?

August 22nd - 23rd The Distance is a hobo event, moving to different areas of the UK every year - this year it will bring the Moors of North Yorkshire!

The rough concept: you'll get up to 20 different gps tracks, of which a few are fake - so nobody can't prepare in advance and have a benefit in any way. Depending on your cycling-speed there are up to 3 route options at every checkpoint and your arrival time will determine which route options are open to you. Simply the faster you are the further you ultimately ride, and the more you might see from the area you travelled to..

That way some will ride 80+ miles, some won’t reach 50 miles. But no pressure (at all), choose your preferred style of riding for a maximum of fun! The Distance is all about joy, each to their own. So or so every rider will arrive in time to hot food, a comfortable camp, local gin and a beer. Beside experiencing a possibly unknown area, there will be loads of likeminded people to spend a nice day and evening with.

Please note: the amount of riders is strictly limited to 150, means: it won't take too many hours until it is sold out. Registration will open January, 31s at 9am sharp (GMT). Note the day and set the alarm if you're keen to spend some time with us in a pretty familiar surrounding.

This one is an event's jewel!

Tempted to take part?

Head over to the The Distance to find out more.