Complete Bikes 2020

Here we are, another year further down the trail. The Bombtrack show rolls onwards.

As we’ve explored fresh places and met new people, so ideas for bikes have sprung into being. This year we’re launching three. First, our Tension cyclocross line gains a dedicated women's model. Next, the Beyond touring range shrinks to meet the needs of younger riders, with a 24-inch wheel version. Finally, the all-new Cale mountain bike combines the ability to haul with the capacity to shred, taking riders into as yet uncharted territory.

Arise Range

A utilitarian bike for playing, commuting or crossing continents. Our dependable Arise comes in three versions, each happy to apply itself to multiple tasks. Ever-ready thanks to low maintenance single-speed drivetrains, the stripped back Arise 1 and 2 models are simple and adaptable. For hauling loads across town, the Arise Geared adds a wide-ratio 10-speed cassette to ease your progress, while its front platform rack takes the weight off your back. Heading out from the city on longer journeys, the fully equipped Arise Tour sprouts racks, mudguards, and dynamo lights to ensure you’re safe and prepared wherever you end up.

Arise 1 - black

Arise 2 - teal

Arise 2 - orange fade

Arise Geared - green

Arise Geared - blue fade

Arise Tour - dark cherry

Hook Range

Our Hook line heads further into unmapped terrain. What started as a radical design has now become accepted as almost mainstream. Both the Hook 1, 2 and WMN models retain most of the original machine’s gravel-taming DNA. This sees a smooth-tracking steel frame supported by sizable 700C tyres. The steel Hook EXT and carbon fibre EXT C go wilder still, with 650B wheels that offer improved strength and manoeuvrability. Re-radicalizing the range, the Hook ADV is a lovable mutant. The first of its species, it’s a suspension and dropper post equipped bike that’s ready for touring at the end of the world.

Hook 1 - stone grey

Hook 2 - black

Hook WMN - black / cyan

Hook EXT - forest green

Hook EXT-C - black

Hook ADV - orange teal fade

Tension Range

Made in the mud. Whether you’re starting out, or already have wellies and a compressor stashed in your motorhome, the race-winning Tension line will equip you for cyclocross. Simple to keep running thanks to a single-ring drivetrain, the Tension is designed to thrive in the worst conditions. Week after week, race after race. Already piloted to multiple UCI level wins by our pro rider Gosse van der Meer, you might even find you want to ride it in the summer too. With both aluminium and carbon options sharing the same race-focused geometry, it proves cost needn’t be a barrier to competitiveness.

Tension 1 - blue

Tension 2 - orange

Tension WMN - seafoam green

Tension 3 - tanger yellow

Beyond Range

Designed to take you far away, the Beyond remains the bike to pick when unsure of the way ahead. Able to haul rider and kit over a huge range of terrain, their design straddles the worlds of touring and mountain biking. The original drop bar Beyond remains an ultra-stable platform for exploring everything from backroads to high mountain paths. With even wider tyres its flat-handlebars siblings the Beyond+ and Beyond+ ADV provide traction in previously unrideable conditions. Finally, making sure no one is left behind, the new Beyond Junior opens the range to younger riders.

Beyond 1 - antique gold

Beyond 1 - green

Beyond Junior - lime green

Beyond+ - blue

Beyond+ ADV - sand


A long-range mountain bike. Huge tyres, a staunch MRP Ribbon suspension fork, Sram’s GX Eagle groupset, and a dropper post are the key ingredients in the Cale’s pugnacious personality. Happy charging about, an oversized 35 mm handlebar and stem keep you in control, while Magura Trail Sport hydraulic brakes bring the action to a halt the moment you yell cut. Of course, the Cale wouldn’t be a Bombtrack if it wasn’t ready for adventure too. Triple cage mounts plus the ability to fit a rear rack mean it’s possible to ride into remote locations, drop the bags, and have some fun exploring new trails.

Cale - black / tan

Tempest Range

A racer with character. Rendered in either steel or carbon the Tempest is ready to attack everything from city centre criteriums to rain-sodden Classics. With disc brakes and wider than average tyres, it’s happy to push as hard as you dare. Leant over into the corners or accelerating down the final straight, it comes with a turn of speed and sharp handling. This year sees both models benefit from Hunt 4-Season wheels and an updated carbon fork.

Tempest - black

Tempest C - red

Audax Range

Our revolutionary 650B touring bike. Rolling smoothly over a myriad of different terrain, the Audax is fast, yet won’t restrict you to the tarmac. Its bulbous WTB Horizon TCS tyres pack in plenty of air to float you effortlessly above a range of surfaces, all while providing grip and comfort. With both steel and aluminium options sporting multiple mounts across the frame and fork, it’s happy to be stacked with gear. Head out with a rough plan and know the Audax will see you to the end, no matter what you might find on the way.

Audax - black / dark grey

Audax AL - black / warm grey


A tough bike for tough streets. The Outlaw’s broad tyres will master the city’s roughest tarmac, while its front-mounted porteur rack helps in lugging your kit across town. Hydraulic disc brakes and a single-speed Gates carbon belt drive system require minimum maintenance, yet provide exceptional stopping and acceleration. At the same time, wide handlebars and strong, quick-turning 650B wheels mean it’s as much made for fun as it is for utility.

Outlaw - teal

Oxbridge Range

A contemporary bike rendered with classic style. The Oxbridge’s aesthetic might be traditional, but zippy handling and quality components ensure the ride is right up to date. Built to last long into the future, its simple and robust gearing, high-quality bearings, and steel frame are all exceptionally durable. Whether in the form of a mudguard-sporting city runaround or built with drop bars and downtube shifters, the Oxbridge will be as joyful to ride in a decade’s time as it is today. Taking you to work during the week, and down country lanes at the weekend, it’s simple, beautiful and fun.

Oxbridge - maroon

Oxbridge Geared - blue


A mixte for the modern world. The Trinity serves anyone seeking prêt-à-rouler styling and an easy to hop aboard step-through frame. Lustrous metallic paint, body coloured fenders and tan wall tyres will help you fall in love. While a comfortable riding position and straightforward gearing will ensure it’s a relationship that lasts. Faster and lighter than you might expect, it’s not a bike afraid to venture away from the promenade either. Readily adjustable and with durable parts, it’s as happy as you to rack up the miles.

Trinity - teal

Trinity - champagne