LADIES & GENTLEMAN: please meet Franzi & Jona and their project “Tales on Tyres” – welcome to Bombtrack! After starting to explore the world by foot (New Zealand, India, Nepal) and slowly getting bored they switched to bikes and explored the area from Iran to Mangolia on two wheels – before moving to Canada for work and saving money for their current trip. At the moment they are doing the “Alaska – Patagonia” route on their BEYOND PLUS bikes, and after leaving the “Great Divide” behind they just entered the “Baja Divide” ( – their stories are fascinating to follow, their tips and advices concering such a bicyclce trip are not only useful for experienced bikepackers! We met Franzi & Jona at their stopover in Las Vegas in September and are really happy to have them on board and beeing part of the Bombtrack family since they share our vibes and vision perfectly. Head over to @talesontyres (Instagram) and start to follow, their reports are real interesting, much fun and entertaining for those that are into bicycle adventures and good photography since Franzi is a dedicated fotographer too! Find out more on