Age: 25

Where do you live: Tokyo

Sponsors: Bombtrack Bicycle Co., W-Base,W-Line, Chrome industries, Holdfast, Rinng parts, Channel Cap Co, Sayhello and ST line

Crew: Enishy

Job: Employed at W-Base

When did you start to ride fxd: 7 years ago

What do you like to ride most:  Street. Cruising and grinding style.

Worst of crushes: At the Fukuoka Trick contest 2 years ago, I tried the 180 from a Huge bank,  Failed to landing and crushed heel.

Goals in life: Many Freestyle Fixed gear bikers all over the world and never be kick-out anywhere.


Bike Check

Frame: Bombtrack Dash

Fork: Bombtrack Dash

Handlebar: Bombtrack Dash

Grips: Bombtrack

Barends: Bombtrack

Stem: Éclat

Headset: Brooklyn Machine Works

Seat: Bombtrack

Cranks: Bombtrack

Bottom Bracket: Éclat

Pedals: Éclat Slash

STRAPS: Holdfast Signature

Sprocket: Bombtrack Chromatic

Gear: 26 / 10

Chain: Salt

Tires: Bombtrack Helix V2

Wheels: Bombtrack Commit

Hub: Bombtrack Owl

Pegs: Rinning parts

Modification: Stem, headset, pedals

Tire Pressure: 50-60 psi