Year of birth: 1995

Where do you live: Costa Mesa/Long Beach, CA

Sponsors: Bombtrack Bicycle Co., Altar, Royal HC, The Cog and Crank Bike Shop

Crew: sMc!

Job: Full Time Student. Freelance filming/editing jobs here and there.

When did you start to ride fxd: Summer 2009

What do you like to ride most: My Bombtrack Divide. My track bike is fun but tricking on the go beats everything.

Worst crash: El Torro Barspin

Goals in life: Become some kind of extreme sports filmer and/or editor (Skateboarding, BMX, Snowboarding, FGFS) I think any of them would be cool, Make FGFS big, own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Bike Check

Frame: Bombtrack Divide Small

Handlebar: Altar Burial Prototype

Fork: Bombtrack Divide

Grips: ZEN

Barends: LDG

Stem: Unknown Topload

Headset: Éclat Dual

Seat: Bombtrack

Cranks: Bombtrack Major 175mm

Bottom Bracket: Éclat Mid

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC

Straps: Royal HC

Sprocket: Bombtrack Bicycle Co. “Major”

Gear: 28 / 10 (Switching to micro drive soon though!)

Chain: Shadow Halflink

Tires: Bombtrack Bicycle Co. “Helix V2” 700x45c

Wheels: H+ Son “Todestrieb” laced to Bombtrack “Owl”

Hubguards: None

Pegs: Rinng Micro Peg

Modification: None

Tire Pressure: 80 psi