Year of birth: 1992

Where do you live: Los Angeles, California

Sponsors: Royal HC, Bombtrack Bicycle Co.

Crew: CSK

Job: Warner Brothers studio tour guide

When did you start to ride fxd: 4 years ago

What do you like to ride most: Street (ledges and rails)

Worst crash: I broke my knuckle trying this huge transfer gap last year

Goals in life: Live the dream

Bike Check

Frame: Bombtrack Dash

Handlebar: Bombtrack Dash

Fork: Bombtrack Dash

Grips: Cult AK grips

Barends: Odyssey

Stem: Cult Salvation Stem

Headset: Cult

Seat: Éclat

Cranks: Bombtrack Major 170mm

Bottom Bracket: Éclat

Pedals: Éclat Plaza / Royal HC straps

Sprocket: Bombtrack Major

Gear: 28 / 10

Chain: Shadow Conspiracy

Tires: Bombtrack Helix Tires

Wheels: Bombtrack Commit rims

Hubguards: Bombtrack Owl (front + rear)

Pegs: Shadow SOD

Modification: None

Tire Pressure: 45 psi


Elliott Milner presents: BIG FISH from Bombtrack Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.