August 25th 2018

An adventure without any type of support, on a mountain bike, up and down the hills of Romagna all the way to the Adriatic sea.In the 2018 edition, Romagna Bike Trail will have two routes to allow people to plan at best their trail accordingly their time and physical condition: .The first route will be about600 km. long with a difference in altitude of about 12.000 D+


“This is the land of Verdi’s novels and Giovanni Pascoli’s poetry, as well as Fellini’s unmistakable cinema - a director who became a legend through his many masterpieces that come to life in this, his native region”


The second route will be about 350 km. long with a difference in altitude of about 6.500 D+. The route presents different types of road surface: participants will face tarmac, dirt roads, cycle lanes, forest paths.

Emilia Romagna lies between the River Po to its north and the Apennine Mountains (to its south). It is one of the most fertile and productive regions of Italy, thanks to the mitigating effect that the Adriatic Sea has on the coastal climate. The diversity between the mountains and sea offers visitors to Emilia Romagna breathtaking views, in addition to beauty for both the eyes and spirit, with a mixture of the earthy colors, the aromas and the fresh sea air.

Tempted to take part?

Head over to the Romagna Bike Trail website to find out more.

Romagna Bike Trail