them and us at the “dirty boar” report in Lifecycle Mag (GER)

In September Martin from Lifecycle Mag and us travelled to Belgium for the “Dirty Boar” Gravelevent – one day before our anual “Groundwork” meeting happened not even 120km from the “Hautes-Fagnes”, where the Dirty Boar took place. One reason why most of our teamriders, such as Groundwork attending distributors and shops were able to ride the Dirty Boar – we can’t tell how excited we were to meet all of them, and how excited we were what to expect from that “Dirty Boar”, which was resounding throughout the land for months! That article below spread over 8 (!) pages is in german, but exactly expressing how it felt to attend. And we will again 2018. Strongly recommended.

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Tales On Tyres in Citylife.Si (Slovenia)


… we were cheering the hell out of us while standing next to the track of RAD RACE‘s „Last Man Standing“ fixed crit’s season kick-off in March. It was huge joy to see FISH riding zig-zagging the go-cart track: clever tactics, acceleration, fitness and especially bike handling skills – all paired, and so needed at this race format. Quiet similar but with even more acceleration and speed on short straights paired with the needed aggression in their duels it was “only” Augusto Reati (2nd, Italy) and Addison Zawada (1st, USA) who were absolutely unbeatable that night – they rode outstanding…


“Torino – Nice” Story in ViaVelo Mag

Joachim wrote a very nice and interesting article about his Torino-Nice experience. Even if you might have seen the movie already: there is soo much more details about his trip at the Viavelo Mag, you should DEFINITLY read it if you like the movie. Click the Pic to get forwarded to the Article.


Tales On Tyres: Riding The Baja Divide