Complete Bikes 2018

It’s hard to believe that Bombtrack is turning five years old, well I guess what they say is true, time flies when you’re having fun. As the brand first began with a focus on single speed and fixed gear freestyle bikes, it really feels like things have come a long way in that time. The bikes have certainly got more gears now, and quite a lot more complicated, but our passion to produce bikes that we’d love to ride and own ourselves remains the goal.

2018 marks some significant developments in our range of bikes, perhaps the proudest of which is finally releasing a women’s specific, steel framed road and CX bike. Moving from conversations, to drawing boards these bikes have been in the works for some time. Building on what we have learned over the past few years we are thrilled to see them finally released, and can’t wait to see them put into action.

Arise Range

The Arise was one of the first models for Bombtrack, and since the very first version it has always been the most popular in the range. Over the years the Arise has developed offspring, each more tailored in a specific direction, yet always retaining that fundamental ‘multi-purpose’ characteristic. New for 2018 the Arise 1 brings things back to where it all started, a simple steel single speed, yet offering scope for customisation. The Arise 2 is the most recognizable bike of recent years, now fully matured and more than capable from daily tasks to weekend adventures. Featuring our very own invest-cast fork crown, sliding dropouts and the option for 650B tires, making it undoubtedly the most versatile bike in the range. Also new to the Arise family is the Tour, a long distance tourer fully equipped with lights, racks and fenders all set for an adventure.

Arise 1

Arise 2

Arise Geared

Arise Tour

Hook Range

The Hook range has come a long way from the original bike of 2015. Originally developed as a steel CX and gravel bike from which now multiple variations have spawned. The Hook 1 remains closest to the original bike, with oversized tubes welded into a multi-purpose geometry. The Hook 2 advanced things with the addition of thru axles and utilizing the mountain bike derived 1x drivetrain from SRAM, and upgraded tubing courtesy of Columbus. New for 2018 the Hook WMN has been built from the ground up with women’s specific ergonomics in mind providing an optimized sizing and component selection to offer a bike that fits like a glove. The Hook EXT took the Hook range a step further, and proved to be a huge hit with riders looking for bigger tires in a gravel bike package. New for 2018 is a full carbon fiber version offering the same tire clearances, proven SRAM Rival-1 drivetrain and anything cage ready. Gravel riding just got lighter!

Hook 1

Hook 2

Hook WMN

Hook AL

Hook EXT

Hook EXT-C

Beyond Range

When the daily grind it’s getting too much and the lure of adventure becomes overwhelming, the Beyond is the bike to take you on that journey. The Beyond 1 is the perfect starting point for adventure. This 29er adventure tourer is built from Columbus double-butted Cromor tubing, selected for its balance of lightweight and durability. Sharing this platform the Beyond XPD is a true expedition machine, thanks to it’s front and rear racks, dynamo hubs and Supernova lights. If the dream is to go further off the beaten track then it is with the plus size tires of the Beyond+ and new Beyond+ADV that have this covered. Incredible grip and off-road capability whilst carrying a heavy load are what these bikes were built for.

Beyond 1

Beyond XPD

Beyond + 1

Beyond+ 2

Beyond+ ADV

Tempest Range

The Tempest range has been transformed for 2018. Striking graphics, focused geometry and the addition of a carbon and women’s specific model reflect the essence of modern road cycling. Although utilizing steel for it’s frame, the Tempest is truly a contemporary road bike. Looking closely, the tapered head tube, thru-axles and flat mount disc brakes are all incorporated into this true machine of today. Now exclusively in disc brake form, the Tempest has been sharpened with new criterium derived geometry, refocused and more aggressive. Carrying on this repurposing, the Tempest WMN brings the classic-meets-modern into a women’s specific version. Utilising components and adjusted geometry to ensure the most natural ride and instinctive feel. The Tempest-C carries the spirit of its steel siblings into a truly futuristic form. More akin to a sci-fi spaceship than a bike, this is one two-wheeled sculpture demanding closer inspection and a turn of the pedals.


Tempest WMN

Tempest C


Originally conceived as a more traditional road tourer the Audax has been transformed into a vision for modern endurance road riding. The starting point for the new direction was switching the wheel platform from 700c to the road-plus 650b. Thanks to the incredibly smooth rolling Hunt Adventure disc wheels used in combination with the WTB Horizon TCS tires the Audax just eats up the miles. For long distance riding, steel is arguably the best material for the job. Its natural resonance dampens road buzz and produces a ride so compliant that it’s more akin to floating than rolling. The geometry has been revised for a less touring and more sportive riding position. Such geometry required shorter chainstays whilst retaining tire and chainring clearance the result of these factors led to the development of our custom yoke, a standout feature on this incredible bike.


Oxbridge Range

The name alone conjures up images of narrow cobbled streets, ancient Collages and church clocks chiming in the distance. Once you lay eyes on an Oxbridge you see the picture is complete, such clean lines and effortless style it simply blends into its surroundings. Far from being a homage to the vintage cycling era, the Oxbridge is less velo-pastiche and more cycling sophistication. Looking beyond the dark metallic paint and into the fabric of the bike, the Oxbridge is a daily companion. Made with quality materials and components means the Oxbridge can be used all year round, be it a city commuting or relaxed weekend jollies.


Oxbridge Geared

Outlaw Range

Introduced in 2017 the Outlaw was an instant hit, thanks to its oversized tires combined with the clean lines of the steel tubing, and ‘those looks’. Using the ‘Road Plus’ concept with a 650B rim combined with a large volume tire, the benefit of a more comfortable ride is achieved. Blending the geometry of road and urban, with steep head and seat tube angles but a higher stack height, longer wheelbase and trail gives the Outlaw its stable yet engaging ride. For 2018 the Outlaw is split into two versions. The Outlaw 1 uses a single-speed belt drive setup whilst the Outlaw 2 combines its belt drive with the Shimano Nexus internal geared hub, just to help out when things get a little hilly. The café racer inspired looks are retained, and combined with the wide bar bringing a little extra control and presence to this urban prowler.  

Outlaw 1

Outlaw 2


The Needle fist leapt of the drawing board and into battle on the fixed-gear racing scene back in 2015. Continuously being tweaked and adjusted since then, the bike has become something of a benchmark for a fixed criterium race bike. Opting for steel over aluminium or carbon was always the starting point. With race surfaces being far from ‘butter’ smooth the importance for the bike to remain in contact with the ground is paramount in holding a line through the tight corners. The inherent ‘give’ of steel can be engineered and controlled in the frame design to help absorb the bumps keeping the rider in full control. Knowing the bike will respond predictably through the corners inspires confidence to commit to a line, and take it faster with every lap. Over the past few years the Needle has proved itself not only in domestic races, but also on the world stage of the Red Hook Crit series.