Complete Bikes 2019

Six years old. The age we start school, the age our parents let us out into the world. It's been a big six years for Bombtrack – what began as a little fixed-gear brand has turned into something much bigger. A company producing bikes for just about any terrain that can be ridden.

So what’s on our first report card? The bikes continued exploring new parts of the world. Carrying our friend Marc Maurer onwards around the world, his 'A Journey Beyond' odyssey saw him seeking out adventure in Kyrgyzstan. Joachim Rosenlund completed the gruelling 'Highland Trail 550' in Scotland, while closer to home Clem Shovel crossed Germany as the third fastest rider at the 'Trans Germany' race. Taking the Bombtrack show on the road, our supported events the Dirty Reiver in Great Britain, Tuscany Trail in Italy, and Dirty Boar in Belgium have also brought our bikes and lust for adventure to the masses.

Arise Range

The longstanding Arise splits into three threads, each capable of taking on multiple challenges. Promising all of the fun, and none of the maintenance, the single-speed versions require little attention to keep rolling. With chunky tyres, relaxed geometry, and mounts for racks and guards they’re happy to turn a hand to commuting, touring, or even cyclo-cross racing. Like its siblings, the geared Arise and the Arise Tour also retain a practical and versatile nature. With a geared drivetrain, they are ready to lug the heaviest loads or take on hillier terrain.

Arise 1

Arise 2 - black

Arise 2 - prismatic blue

Arise Tour

Arise Geared

Hook Range

This year we expand the gravel crushing Hook family with the introduction of our radical suspension-equipped flagship Hook ADV. Building on the success of the Hook WMN and Hook EXT-C in 2018, every bike in the redesigned range comes with the latest T47 bottom bracket standard that allows for generous tyre clearance without the need to revert to fiddly press-fit bearings.

Hook 1

Hook 2

Hook WMN

Hook EXT

Hook EXT-C

Hook ADV

Tension Range

Our entirely new model line. The Tension brings an exciting new name to cyclo-cross, with a three bike range providing a price point for every rider. From elites like our sponsored racer Gosse van der Meer, competing in the UCI cyclo-cross World Cup season, to cross-curios riders looking to take on a mates’ race down in the woods. With single-ring drivetrains, they’re quick to operate and easy to maintain. Head down, tongue out, pedal pedal pedal.

Tension 1

Tension 2

Tension 3

Beyond Range

Our ultra-reliable Beyond bikes were taken to their limits from birth. Be it Franzi and Jona from 'Tales on Tyres' who crossed most of Latin America aboard two Beyond+ tourers, or Marc Maurer pedalling through his lifetime 'A Journey Beyond' adventure. Giving further proof of the range's capability Clem Shovel and his Beyond+ also sprang into action at the Tuscany Trail, while our newest team members Matty and Clare are set to ride the planet on a Beyond+ and a Beyond+ ADV this year too. A quick search on Google Images reveals bikepackers on Beyonds in far-flung landscapes, always something that makes us happy and fuels our desire to get out and explore too.

Beyond 1 - matt metallic blue

Beyond 1 - matt metallic green

Beyond+ 1

Beyond+ 2

Beyond+ ADV

Tempest Range

There are plenty of road bikes out there, so why add another that does the same thing? Our Tempest bikes carve out a niche as racers with true character. Whether rendered in steel or carbon, both share an attacking nature, a trait demanded by our team riders. With every element of their geometry optimized to match the bike’s size, they’re ready to cut turns at a criterium or endure across the duration of a Classics-style race.


Tempest WMN


Audax Range

Introduced last year, our redesigned Audax frame is based around the new smaller 650b road-plus wheel and tyre system from WTB. Suited to mixed riding, it reflects the real habits of many cyclists, rather than the smooth and repetitive terrain of televised road racing. Supportive and versatile, the system offers grip, comfort, and with tan coloured sidewalls, knockout looks. Bringing the range to a wider audience, this year the original Audax also spawns an alloy brother.


Audax AL

Oxbridge Range

Classic style, modern thinking. With sealed bearings throughout and careful consideration given to the geometry and handling, the only thing retro about the Oxbridge are its looks. Useful and utilitarian, it's our take on the sort of bike the populates city streets across the world. We’ve poured just as much thought and energy into the Oxbridge as our other machines. Because as all riders know, every journey by bike can be an adventure, just as every traffic light can kick-off the start of a race.


Oxbridge Geared


The Outlaw continues as our most understated and stylish bike. A new black-on-black colour scheme with unique raised logos adds a textural element to this city cruiser. A Gates CDN belt drive ensures a maintenance-free ride for years to come. While the addition of hydraulic brakes from Shimano and our aftermarket front rack add an extra element of utility.



Back to the start. The Needle remains a favourite in the small but passionate fixed-crit scene. The formula stays unchanged – an aggressive Columbus steel frame, tapered carbon fork, Sram Omnium cranks, and Bombtrack finishing kit make this bike the ultimate platform as a criterium, track, or street bike.



The Trinity is all about riding in style, with its clean lines, subtle colors, polished parts, matching saddle and grips all giving the bike a timeless look. This bike is designed in a classic style Mixte frame, with the twin top tubes being split at the seat tube, as they connect the dropout to the head tube. This makes the frame very strong and the ride more stable as a result. The slim tubing is built to be a balance between being fun and sporty yet comfortable to ride.

Trinity Teal

Trinity Champagne