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The tuscany trail bike packing adventure

The documentary about Clem Shovel (France) and Joachim Rosenlund (Norway) competing the world’s biggest bikepacking race – the “Tuscany Trail” (Italy). An unsupported bike adventure race of 560km distance, 11.000m of elevation and 530 competing starters. Clem and Joachim both achieved a great 15th out of all riders – but somehow it seems it is far more about the experience than the actual result.

Bombtrack Bicycle Co. will sponsor and support this beautiful race; starting with their 2017 edition! For more information please visit and follow them on all channels.

Bombtrack 2017 – the bilderbuch

It feels so good to be at that point again where we can finally show you the end result of over a year of dedication and and real hard work. Today we are beyond excited to unveil “Bombtrack 2017 – The Bilderbuch”, a raw and unfiltered collection of images of our whole 2017 bike line, shot by our good friend and professional bike photographer Jason Sellers. We always have been fascinated with Jason’s work and how he is able to show the soul and emotions of each bike and have them stand out so clearly in his shots. “The Bilderbuch” takes you through each mode in the line, one beautiful image at a time, giving you a more personal look at our probably best line of bikes to date.

Bombtrack X Velafrica X Berlin Bicycle Week: participate for a good cause!

The custom ARISE bike we once did in cooperation with some of our most favourite bikepart-brands already caused a lot of attention at this year’s “Singlespeed Cyclocross European Championchips (SSCXEC)”, that took place at the “Berlin Bicycle Week” and its “Fahrradschau” tradeshow back in March. This Autumn, the Berlin Bicycle Week will held their satellite trade show called the Wiener Fahrradschau (Vienna / Austria) and in conjunction to this event there’s the final possibility to get your hand on this bike.

>> To see more pictures of the bike CLICK HERE. <<

In cooperation with we will auction this custom build up for a good purpose. (Click here to go to the auction.) The collection will come to the Velafrica organisation in order to support the education and training of young, enthusiastic bike mechanics in Arusha, Tanzania. A project that is so close to our hearts that you should check it out even if you might not be interested in that bike. Remember: as it is for a good purpose it is strongly worth to place a bid, even if you don’t fit on that frame size you still could get your personal advantage out of it: strip it down to use the parts and pass the frame to your girlfriend, or start another auction for it. In either case the priority for us is to get as much support for Velafrica – so there are no limits to your creativity after possibly purchasing the bike by auction! The bike will be exhibited and can be seen a last time at the Velafrica Information booth during  the “Wiener Fahrradschau” – don’t miss to throw an eye on it.


Our newest SCRIPT on pedalconsumption!

Our newest SCRIPT bike has been unveiled on – the bike built for track will be available from this October 2016, but you can already place your preorder at your local distributor (click here to find out where to reserve) not too come too late. Click here for seeing beautiful fotos of our bike made by Jason Sellers.


Frida and her Audax at Elbe Triathlon

Frida Mindt, known Blogger for Lifestyle, Fashion and Inspirational from Hamburg Germany, chose our AUDAX bike for her recent ELBE Triathlon participation. The bike’s geometry is not only ideal for long distance races as Clem Shovel took it once to the the “Transcontinental Race”, it can even fullfill the needs for a Triathlon inbetween your usual rides due to its quiet similar geometry. Head over to to find more about Frida in general – a blog that is not only talking the cool, but acting and performing the same time. Now we’re waiting for the first rider competing a time trial on our steel AUDAX one day – let us know if it is you by chance! (all Photos by Carlos Fernandez Laser)

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