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HOOK 3 tested at german “RennRAD” Magazine

German magazine for roadcycling RennRad just published a (real good) test of our HOOK 3 flagship cyclocross bike. Obviously one of the best bikes in all criterias within the tested modells.. – and we can’t tell you how happy we are about it!


… first moving pictures of Hardbrakers’ recent Grandtour “ Warsaw – Helsinki”…

….has just been published!

Even before the actual and official trailer for the upcoming full documentation movie will be finally ready we are happy to see some clips of St Pauli’s finest for the pleasure inbetween – happy every time they pop up! Thanks guys, they shorten the waiting time until the “Lisbon – Marrakesh” full movie will be released – roughly planned for end of the year. Stay tuned!

Our needle at red hook milano

Yannick from Team “Bike Aid” and Editor from german “RennRad” Magazin – and our latest critbike the NEEDLE 2016 at the start of last saturday’s Red Hook Crit in I-Milano. They made #33 out of 249 starters – somehow a bit unexpected for a first fixed criterium of an usual road racer just knowing the Velodrome from his winter trainings. Congratulations! Expect a detailed race- and bike report in the next issue of german RennRad Magazine.

(Photo by

(Photo by Jason Sellers (


The ARISE 2016

more about the bike here


In developing steel bikes for a certain use on and off the track we sought the help and experience of a proven designer for performance bike geometry. We knew Olaf already through his design work at Koga and his WIT Industries bike accessories, and after a few conversations we knew we were on the same page to make the NEEDLE critbike a reality. We caught up with Olaf during the “Ronde van Katendrecht” race in NL-Rotterdam, also to see if the NEEDLE was living up to his expectations. Find out more about our collaboration of creating the NEEDLE and the HOOK bikes in this small documenting clip.