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Bombtrack Summer Cross

… what about racing cross outside the actual CX-season? Although for the most part turning the pedals on some empty rural roads keeps us happy through the summer, we also miss a bit of CX action. We felt the time was right to put on an event on during the summer, and actually ride some CX in decent weather. If you think this sounds like fun then come on over and race with us. The Summer Cross event will be held on the same weekend as the Fixed days, so why not bring both your fixed and CX machines! For more information head over to and for race registration please click here.


Welcome to the Team: Matt Reyes

Matt has been killing it in FGFS for a good few years now, and is no stranger to taking the top of the podium at the sports most coveted contest, Red Bull’s ‘Ride-n-style’. What you may not know is that Matt also founded one of the fixed scenes most prominent blogs and is heavily involved in photography, filming and even graphic design. Such a creative skill set is somehow secondary to the bike control that Matt is so well known for, and we think that nothing will demonstrate this all round creative shredder more than his welcome edit.

What you’re about to see was produced, graphically illustrated, and of course stars Matt Reyes in and around San Fransisco. Whether you’re into FGFS or not you simply have to see this.

Welcome to the team Matt, its great to have you in the family, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Welcome to the Team: Matt Reyes from Bombtrack Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

JBall and Elliot at Sheldon Skate Park

Skateparks are visually not the most interesting spots, but an ideal playground to train – and above everything to show all technical skills on your fixed hub. Click and enjoy, thos guys can ride!

Sheldon Skate Plaza Edit from JBall on Vimeo.


Paris-Roubaix” is possibly the most famous of the spring classics, forming one of the five monuments which every pro cyclists dreams of winning. What you may not know is that it’s actually possible for anyone to ride the course for themselves. The day before the Elite race, the full course is open to any amateur or enthusisasts who wants to take on the challenge of this gruelling course for themselves. Riders can choose the cobbled core of the course only (a loop starting in Roubaix of either 70km or 139km) – or ride the full distance (163km) as our team rider Stefan “Fish” Vis did this year. Here you can see what his experience was. Enjoy his report, and share in his experience of this “Hell of the North”.

(click the pic to watch)


HARDBRAKERS at waterkant krit (hamburg)

St. Pauli’s finest the Hardbrakers and their SCRIPT bikes took it hard at last saturday’s “Waterkant Krit”. All photos by and Vincent Schomacker (Hardbrakers).


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