Monthly Archives: March 2014

THE SCRIPT – Videoclip

The SCRIPT Video Clip – take a watch and spread the word!

BOMBTRACK “Script” – Take on the City from Bombtrack on Vimeo.

THE ARISE – Videoclip

We took our Arise out into the woods and filmed a beautiful Videoclip. Check it out below:

BOMBTRACK “Arise” – Explore Your Surroundings from Bombtrack on Vimeo.


After we announced our project almost a year ago we received an incredible huge amount of riding clips from all parts of the world. It took some time but now it is finally done: this time the “Global Mosh Pit” shows and proofs the worldwide phenomenon of FGFS.

Upcoming “Global Mosh Pit” edits are already in its finishing process – so keep on sending clips to!

Beside some FGF there will also be a “speed-shredding” version coming up (Vol. 3) – so if you’re riding an ARISE, a SCRIPT or if you’re moshing on a DIVIDE so feel free to “spam” us with your mobile-phone clips!

The Global Mosh Pit Vol.1 from Bombtrack on Vimeo.

Adidas x Bombtrack collaboration bike

 The opportunity to work on a collaboration project doesn’t come along very often, so when Adidas approached us about producing a limited number of fixed/track bikes we couldn’t believe it.  After we saw the preview of the bags and accessories Adidas had in the works, we knew that we could do something really cool in carrying this look into the bike.

The Street Crew accessories offered not only some cool colours for the bike, but lots of details that we could play around with and incorporate into the design. The two tone muted greens were an excellent starting point, and we were keen to carry the neon stripe detailing into the bike and create a sporty and dynamic look.  We rounded off the design with some detailing on the rims, pedals and handlebars that helped cement the bike into this new range from Adidas.

“The vibrant neon detailing enhance the sporty and dynamic look.”

We’re extremely happy with how the bike came out, and are thrilled to have been involved in this collaboration.

These limited numbers of bikes were only produced for promoting the new Street Crew collection, and so can only be seen in a selected 32 Adidas Flagship Stores throughout Europe and Asia.